Why should you use aluminium fittings?


Read how a Simplified customer turned a concept into a reality which enabled him to mount sensitive monitoring equipment safely and securely.

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One of the more satisfying parts of working for Simplified is helping a customer design something that suits a purpose, in this instance; we were approached by the University of Cambridge who needed to create a platform rig to lower equipment used to take readings and samples for measuring the effects of bank erosion and landslides into water .

aluminium rig

aluminium rig

After Edward Tipper contacted us to discuss the suitability of Kee Lite, our Aluminium fittings solution, he quickly decided that this product would be ideal for the project

Using our technical resource he was able to design a rig that was portable, easily constructed but resistant to being submerged in water yet sturdy enough to mount the university's sensitive equipment.

aluminium rig

aluminium rig

The mounting rig has been designed to allow it to be used on a variety of craft whether it's over the side on a conventional boat, or the cataraft, the a-frame design can be bolted to the hull or strapped in place using the base flange fittings.

aluminium rig

As you can see, getting wet wasn't the only danger on this river!

But why choose Kee Lite?

  • They are lighter, a whole 2/3rds lighter than standard steel fittings.
  • Sleeker, more modern feel than the industrial galvanised fitting making it ideal for furniture.
  • And as with all fittings, no specialist equipment is required, a simple hex tool is all that is needed!
  • Retains 75% of the strength of standard galvanised fittings.
  • Being made of aluminium they are naturally resistant to water and corrosion.

  • corrosion

    So none of this.

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