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Kee Klamp Creativity

Architects designing the showroom for a Hyundai showroom in South Korea really went to town with Kee Klamp on this project, designing entire stairwells, to signage, to even a childrens play area. Utliising 25-6, 26-6 and the 45-6 in conjunction with expertly radiused and bent size 6 tube, they have created a stunning combination of form and function. The Kee Klamp fittings really bring a clean industrial feel to the displays and stairs while maintaining the strength required for a public area.

Tube Handrail

This handrailing isn't just for safety, its modern lines really stand out, using multiple rails, they have created a safe and very stylish display which fits in with all the other creations within the showroom.

Tube handRail Closeup

Tube HandRail - Hyundai

The Handrail was designed using size 6 tube and size 6 Tubular fittings, verses the size 7 and size 8 fittings that are typically used for handrail applications. The smaller size has a multiplying effect that creates a strong visual impact.

Showroom Visual Displays

The tube theme continues in the visual displays. the strong industrial feel also means that the displays are robust, stable and durable and use M50-6 Fittings to allow the signage to be connected to the tube.

Showroom Visual Displays

Showroom Magazine Rack

This is not your standard magazine rack! Tube framing supports the central board and then tubes are used to hold the magazines in place. This innovative design continues the theme and helps bring it all together.

Tube Magazine Rack

Children's Play Area

Using tube and fittings in children's play areas is nothing new, however i am sure you will agree that this is a tad more stylish than foam over tube to create a soft play area, providing I-Pads, toys and games in a fun, bright, yet very clean and functional play area.

tube Accents

Tube Shelving

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