Top 5 Kee Klamp shelving ideas (and how to DIY)

Trying to avoid clutter but finding it impossible, especially in a small house? Do your rooms have awkward spaces that the usual high street shelves don't fit? Why not try building your own custom-made shelving unit?

Fittings are great for industrial, strong furniture, therefore it is quite easy to come up with solutions that would solve any storage issues out. Here are five fixed shelving ideas that might be exactly what you need:

Balanced shelving

The first in our Top 5 focuses on using the corner space of rooms more effectively. Typical corner units tend to be freestanding and triangular in shape; however, we wanted to move away from this idea simply because the majority of corner units wouldn't use the height of the room effectively. At the same time, the ones that did would pose as a tempting climbing frame (which, of course, would be dangerous for your kids). Our idea uses Kee Klamp, which means that the system will be as strong as the fixing point.

You can use thick MDF cut to the right shape (which you can paint for a stone effect for example) or some treated scaffold board for a more industrial look.

top 5 DIY shelving ideas


Key Parts

This solution utilises the L61-6 fitting for the floor, wall and shelving mounts and the simple L15-6 fitting to return the tube to the wall.

Floating Shelving

This Floating Shelf idea is great, using the Ikea 'Lack' range, it reinvents the look into this unique shelving unit.

The shelf is based on our standard wall mounted clothing rail, therefore this shelving unit is strong and easy to construct.

Source: Ikea Hackers.

Key Part

Use the 70 Rail Support Fitting on the rail and the wall itself to support the shelf.

Supported Shelves

These shelves contrast nicely with the wood wall!

Source: Apartment Therapy

Key Parts

Drill through the shelf and use Three Socket Tees (25 Type Fittings) and 90° Elbows (15 Type Fittings) to create the shelf support. This allows you to use deeper shelves, plus I think you will agree it looks fantastic!

Stub Shelving

Source: Esty

These simple shelves are about as basic a design as you can get: you could replicate this using a 61 base flange, a stub of tube and an end cap. However, the wood is the real hero here and really makes the entire thing pop out.

Use a 25 fitting and two 15s to create the towel rail and really enhance the aesthetic.

Wall To Ceiling Mounted Shelving

This design seems to be a combination of the previous two options. To recreate this, use 25 fittings and 61s to fix the structure into the wall and ceiling. We love the contrast of using the plain, fairly unassuming wood shelving, galvanised tube against the brick. This unit will enable you to utilise that lost space.

Source: froufrugal

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