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One of the nice things about building projects with kee clamp fittings and tube is that items such as this bed can be configured to suit your room or specific requirements instead of being limited by a standard dimensions pre-assembled furniture offers, as well as allowing you to include features such as hanging rails.

Certain dimensions are obviously fixed like the size of standard mattresses, but Simplified offer tubes cut to any required length to allow you to specify to your required height for example.



The wooden slats like the ones shown are can be an old bed can that’s been ‘upcycled’  or a search for ‘bed slats’ on-line turns up a number of sites where they can be purchased, including that well known Swedish flat pack furniture supplier.  Alternatively the mattress can be supported using tubes and type 10 fittings as shown in the photo below.

This project was designed entirely by our customer by selecting his fittings through the on-line store but if you’re not that confident we are always pleased to help either by phone 0844 800 0165 or e-mail: [email protected]

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