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The interior design industry in the UK is a small but thriving sector, with an estimated value of £1.5 billion in 2023. Despite its size, it plays a significant role in the UK economy, employing over 20,000 people and contributing to the growth of related industries such as furniture and home decor. The industry is also known for its high level of creativity and innovation, with many UK-based designers gaining international recognition for their work.

Fabric display rack project background

Finishing Touches was established in 1990 in Devon. The small boutique has provided clients in Warwickshire and the surrounding counties with the best in soft furnishings for over 30 years. Julia, who runs the shop, came to Simplified Building after an emergency at her shop where a clothing rail collapsed under the weight of her samples. This was a big problem as she needed to get that fixed to open her shop.

Trouble in paradise; the previous fabric rack couldn't handle the weight

Trouble in paradise; the previous fabric rack couldn't handle the weight

Display rack system requirements

After looking through our online catalogue, Julia was able to find the display rack that fits the dimensions she required. She was also looking for help setting up the wall-mounted rail and was worried that it wouldn't hold the weight of all her fabric samples. This is when Julia got in touch and explained her particular problem. Paul, part of the Simplified Building sales team, reached out and informed her about the excellent loading capacity of the wall-mounted rail and advised on the straightforward installation process.

Modular shop display rail

Modular shop display rail

Post project thoughts

Julia was not only able to get a permanent fix to her problem, but she was also able to get the wall-mounted rail installed with no loss of business. This is what Julia had to say about our services and product:

"I'm a very satisfied customer after I found a great solution to my problem of heavy Display samples in the Studio. This system is super strong and fit for purpose, it went together in minutes, so easy to use."

-Julia @ Finishing Touches Design Studio, North Devon

Beauty and strength by design; display racking

Beauty and strength by design; display racking

If you are looking for a Shop display racking system to hold and display your items securely get in touch with our team, and we will arrange a quote and even a site visit. Then we will design a safety system so you can implement the ideal solution for your workplace protection needs.

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