Sit / stand desk frames for an open office

galvanised steel table frames

Design company Grain & Mortar were looking to outfit their studio with new custom desks that would match the industrial space they had available. The company wanted to use the desks both while sitting and standing, therefore decided to go for a high-rise aluminium frame which they combined with wooden sections constructed by a local woodworker.

open plan office tables

These table frames use Kee Lite aluminium fittings and tube that can be put together in less than 30 minutes with just an impact driver. The frames are lightweight, have an industrial feel but give a more polished look than our galvanised steel desk frames.

open plan office table frames

Kristin from Grain & Mortar had this to say about the desks they built:

"Our building is very industrial, and we wanted unique, non-Ikea desks that stood out. We also wanted to have the option to sit or stand while working. We came across the maker's desk and decided to go for it. We built the frames ourselves, using fittings from Simplified Building and aluminium pipe […]. The wood tops and skirts were made by a local woodworking artist […]"

kee klamp table frame with wood top

The table frames used have a similar design to our Rugged table frame (which is made of galvanised steel). Find it here

rugged table frame kits

Kee Lite fittings

aluminium table frame

Kee Lite fittings

aluminium fittings for table

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