Bathroom remodel: Industrial shower curtain

Here at Simplified, we love getting involved in people's projects and this one was great! Kimberly Duran is the author of Swoon Worthy and regularly blogs about her beautiful home. When I read a post about how she was looking to remodel various rooms in the house, I got in contact to see if there was anything we could help with.

Kimberly she was looking to work on her bathroom and she was looking for a curtain rail.

Her initial concern was 'Will your stuff be strong enough?'

I quickly explained that people have been using our stuff as gym equipment for years and that if she fixed the plates correctly, she would be able to do chin-ups on her curtain rail quite happily if the mood struck her.

So suddenly we were part of 'Operation Bathroom Remodel'; Kimberly’s ambitious plan involved revamping her entire bathroom to give it her own personal style.

Although only a simple thing, I am sure you agree that the shower curtain rail, REALLY pulls her entire theme together.


Spray painted antique gold to match the rest of the room, it shows how versatile fittings can be.

To read more about Kimberly’s house and the journey it takes from the ordinary to a dream home, visit her blog.

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