Simple outrigger test platform

outrigger test platform

Matthew Alexander from Firthside needed to create an outrigger test platform and decided to make it out of Kee Lite. As they are Aluminium, Kee Lite fittings are corrosion resistant and therefore ideal for purpose.

Needing a detachable stable platform to keep his equipment firmly attached while enabling him to take delicate measurements, he designed the system you see here.

Matthew on the outrigger test system:

The system includes a multi-beam echosounder and differential GPS, and is used to measure the depth of anchor chain for semi-submersible oil rigs at several points along the catenary and relate this to the tension in the chain. This information is then used to calibrate the load cells for the anchor winches.

The system can also be added to, dismantled when not in use and adjusted on the fly.

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