Bright future ahead, signage company uses Kee Klamp to illuminate JD Gyms

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Location: Hull, England
Products: Kee Klamp

The United Kingdom boasts a thriving market for lighting fixtures and signage, playing a pivotal role in shaping the visual identity of businesses across various industries. As an essential element of branding and marketing, signage serves not only to convey information but also to captivate audiences and make a lasting impression.

Lighting rack project background

Sovereign Signs, a reseller in the signage industry located in Hull, England, needed a custom solution for hanging a neon sign in a JD Gym. They turned to Kee Klamp, tubular fittings and fixtures, to create a robust and aesthetically pleasing system. This case study explores how the collaboration between Sovereign Signs and Kee Klamp resulted in a successful signage hanging and light fixture solution for the gym.

Since its founding in 1988, Sovereign Signs has been dedicated to delivering top-notch signage services for businesses across the UK and internationally. When tasked with creating and installing a neon sign for a JD Gym, they sought a robust, bespoke solution to meet their client's design requirements.

JD Gyms signage

JD Gyms signage

System requirements

Alex Yates, Sales Manager at Sovereign Signs, discovered Kee Klamp after conducting an online search for tubular fittings and tubes that could support the weight and design of the neon sign. He reached out to us through the contact form on our website, beginning the sales process.

Gym light signage wireframe

Gym light signage wireframe

Design process

During our initial conversation with Alex, we discussed the project's requirements in detail. He provided us with the design and measurements necessary for the custom Kee Klamp Kit. That information was then used by our Simplified Building team, led by Paul, who utilised 3D design software to create a visual representation of the proposed Kee Klamp system. This enabled Alex to make an informed decision about purchasing the system for their client's signage hanging and light fixture needs.

Light Signage racking design

Light Signage racking design

Post project thoughts

Sovereign Signs appreciated our thorough approach to understanding their requirements and ensuring that the proposed system met them with full technical assistance. With our expertise, they were able to construct a functional and visually appealing solution that satisfied their client's needs.

Completed JD Gym sign

Completed JD Gym sign

This project highlights the importance of working with a trusted partner to achieve optimal results for both the reseller and their end customer. The successful collaboration between Sovereign Signs and Kee Klamp demonstrates the value of customisable signage hanging and light fixture solutions. By utilising Kee Klamp's products and technical support, Sovereign Signs was able to deliver a robust, aesthetically pleasing, and functional neon sign installation for their client, JD Gym.

If you are looking for a signage hanging system to hold and display your lights securely get in touch with our team, and we will arrange a quote and even a site visit. Then we will design a safety system so you can implement the ideal solution for your workplace protection needs.

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