Self build glass table

I recently accosted a builder who was throwing out a piece of tempered glass that he was marching to the skip, as it was an interesting shape I realised I could make something from it, so I managed to convince him to let me take it off his hands.


As I sat and thought about what potential uses it had, I settled on a coffee table and proceeded to come up with a number of designs, after rejecting the over elaborate hexagon frames and ideas that required me to ignore the laws of physics, I settled on a simple box framework, this would enable me to be a little creative with the supports as the main frame would be able to take the weight and support additional weight placed on the table when in use.

self build glass tableself build glass table

This simple design actually lent further discoveries, I experimented with rubber gaskets and toyed with the idea of using glue or somehow fixing them to the tube to provide a non-slip surface for the glass to rest upon, it turns out, that these steps are not required, the weight of the glass combined with the surface area means that the rubber gaskets are held into place and once the table is resting on them, is virtually impossible to move!

You could also use the "midrail" (used to hold the uprights into position) as a magazine shelf, using some cloth mesh, or metal infil panels.

As we do not supply the top (currently) we do not have a standard "kit" for this, if you wished to replicate this, please provide the measurements and we can do the rest!

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