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Using fittings in shop displays is not exactly a new concept. You will struggle to walk down a high street without seeing some form of fittings based display, whether it be shelving, clothes rails or structures but what people don’t realise is just how versatile fittings can be.

  • Fittings can take a surprisingly heavy load, which makes them perfect for storing bulk stock and equipment.
  • They are versatile: In my eyes, fittings are the shop fitter’s giant 'meccanno kit'. They allow the construction of a mind boggling array of retail point of sale displays, whether they be clothing rails, racks or structures. Fittings offer retailers the ultimate versatility, being able to deconstruct a display, redesign it and then start all over again!
  • They can help you achieve the perfect look for your shop. Our galvanised fittings provide a perfect industrial look. If something more specific is required, they are also available in a large array of colours. The fittings also come in a lighter weight aluminium option,KeeLite which give a cleaner, shinier finish.

  • Build an easy wall mounted clothing hook for your shop

    DIY clothing hook for retail shop

    Using only one standard base fitting and a stub of tube, here's what you need to build this clothing hook.

    Parts you'll need

The Endless Versatility of Fittings

retro style rail

The industrial style of these clothing rails looks great alongside the retro feel of the shop. The beauty of using fittings is that the look can be adapted to compliment a range of designs and styles, whether this is rustic, retro, steampunk, glam, industrial or new age. It looks equally at home in a shiny, new or old and rustic environment; the finish can be buffed to gleam or distressed to provide an antique feel.

The rising worldwide popularity of using fittings in clothing rails lies within each store's ability to either stand out or blend into your chosen design scheme. For example, in the picture below, the bridal boutique retail clothing rail subtly fades away from your eyes as they follow each of the bright, rich colours of the dresses.

bridal clothing rail

This ingenious idea from the minds of German DIY magazine Selber Machan shows how you can create space in unexpected ways. This instance shows how you can add two clothing rails and a shelf in an area where it would be difficult to include them in normal circumstances.

space saving storage unit

Shoe Displays

Just like retail clothing racks, fitting-based shoe racks are fully configurable. Take a look at the some of the numerous ways this sports store has used fittings based racks as functional displays.

Shoe Wall
Shoe Wall
A tube and fittings structure was used to create this shoe wall which can support dozens of pairs of shoes.
Retail Display Table
Retail Display Table
Designed to include castors so that it is easy to move around.
Bench and Mirror
Bench and Mirror
This setup of bench and mirror demonstrates the versatility of using fittings in shop displays and furniture.

Industrial Shelving/ Display Bins

Retail store owners often group similar items together in an effort to make multiple sales, tempting customers with bulk-buy purchases or simply extensive displays.

The challenge when considering 'bulk' item racking is gauging the weight of the items which generally require large fixed shelving. Fittings too can take heavy items, but the versatility exists to change the display structure regularly and yet just keep reusing the same fittings.

Portable Bulk Displays
Portable Bulk Displays
These industrial shelving units are mounted on castors and have been created to allow portable displays to be quickly and easily set up.
Fixed Bulk Displays
Fixed Bulk Displays
This display is a typical fittings-based bespoke retail stand.

Retail Shelving

Fittings are not limited to clothing rails or wholesale bins, they can be designed to make shelving displays. These can look very professional, industrial and clean, a perfect look for electronics.

industrial shelving

Trade Show or Exhibition Stands

Trade show stands need to be easy to assemble and dismantle, easy to transport, they should look good and be inherently stable safe. Fittings can be part of the solution as the example here shows:

See What Configurations Are Possible

Make your store stand out: See how you can build the perfect retail display structure for your shop.

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