Portable gym using aluminium fittings

Portable Gym Structure Using Aluminium Fittings


Jason Depaoli at The Trainers Edge contacted us for some help on a project

His vision was to construct a Portable Gym from our KeeLite aluminium fittings that would allow him to arrive at a client’s house and use his vehicle as a framework to provide a portable gym experience on his client’s doorstep.

Jason provided us with the detail of what he expected from a portable, easy to use end product.

Between us, we came up with a variety of ideas, some practical, many impractical, but importantly the system needed to be made from aluminium fittings, be mounted to his vehicle roof rack, be semi-permanent to allow the vehicle to be used normally yet easily constructed when required.

Portable gym using aluminium fittings

The final design was a system mounted to the car roof rack which could be left indefinitely but modular “wings” constructed from aluminium fittings which could be easily added to provide the system that “The Trainers Edge” required for the workouts, but quickly folded away so Jason could move to his next appointment without spending hours setting up and pulling down.

portable gym using aluminium fittingsportable gym using aluminium fittings

The results, I am sure you agree are impressive; the finished design is a safe, easy to assemble system that allows Jason and his clients to perform a huge range of exercises and training regimes.

portable gym using aluminium fittings

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