Outdoor Seating and Dining Structure for Restaurants

With outdoor dining resuming in the UK, we wanted to share an inspirational design one of our customers used to shield his patrons from the weather and extend his outdoor dining spaces.

If you’re interested in using our Kee Klamp tube fittings and tube to build your own outdoor dining structure but aren’t sure where to start or just have a few questions, contact our design team for free project advice.

The Criteria for the Restaurant Shade Structure

McNally’s Tavern needed to extend their outdoor seating areas and provide rain cover, snow cover, and shade for their patrons. Located in a windy and snowy region, they also needed a structure that was rigid enough to withstand snow being pushed up against the structure when the city cleared the streets.

Joseph Pie, owner of McNally’s Tavern, reached out to our team for help to confirm that his design would work for his allotted space in front of the building.

Joseph had roughly 102” x 380” of space in front of his building for the structure and sent us the following drawing that he drafted of his design.

Joseph’s Original Design

One of the unique obstacles Joe’s design had to overcome is a support pole on the edge of the street that was originally used to support public transit.

Taking the overall space, the obstacle in the middle of the structure’s edge, and the weight requirements into consideration our team came up with the following design with Joseph.

Design of the Outdoor Dining Structure

While Joseph was working with specific dimensions that he kindly provided to our team to help guide the design, our Kee Klamp tube fittings and structural tube can be used to create a structure of virtually any size.

The primary changes to the original design were focused on adding additional supports to the middle and ends of the structure, providing additional rigidity and strength to the design.

Additional angled supports at the rear of the structure

Adding angled supports to wide structures like this is generally a best practice and will help prevent the structure from twisting under its own weight or during inclement weather.

Joseph assembled the structure on-site and heard great reviews from his customers immediately.

Gallery of Finished Restaurant Outdoor Seating Structure

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