New angled stair fittings

A lot of you have asked what would the best fittings be for handrails with an angle, especially those that needed to be fitted on slopes. Our range of fittings now includes parts that suit steeper gradients and allow for site angle variations.

Having found a need at a local customer, we attended site with Kee Safety’s product manager and performed the installation on our customer's behalf.

Stair angle fittings

We started by simply setting up the modules and stood them in place. This enabled us to adjust the system to ensure we could get the angle of the handrail just right before we set the uprights in place.

Stair angle fittings

The first step was setting the landing area; this was done using the standard 10s, 15s, 20s and 21s and using the 62 as the base. We then set the new 325 and 326 to set the angle for the stair handrail. Our first thoughts were there is a generous amount of adjustability within the fitting which makes installation so much easier.

Stair angle fittings

We then positioned the next upright and used the new 427 top fitting and existing 30. Now this is where the system impressed us: due to the tread/bolts on the stairs, the upright would not sit where we initially believed it would; however, a simple adjustment in both fittings quickly solved the problem and we were able to adjust the post into position to attain the angle required for the handrail. The rest was a simple case of adding the uprights and making minor adjustments for each rail to ensure the angle remained the same.

Once the uprights and rails were in place, we made minor tweaks to ensure everything was to our satisfaction. We added the 'D return' using the new 55 and 56 fittings. The entire process only took about an hour.

Stair angle fittings

The new fittings include a high degree of flexibility and we only used basic tools to construct the entire system.

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