Master bedroom renovation: DIY Kee Klamp bed

Kee Klamp king size bed

When she decided to remodel her bathroom in 2014, designer and owner of Atmoscaper Kitchen Design Robin Amorello went for a ‘refined industrial’ style. This style would also be mirrored in her following project: the redesign of her master bedroom.

Robin went for a bright yellow and grey colour scheme and a galvanised pipe bed seemed the perfect fit for her bedroom.

Kee Klamp bed

As soon as she came up with the design, Robin ordered the necessary parts and built the bed using Kee Klamp fittings and tube.

She put everything together using an Allen key.

Kee Klamp bed

List of fittings

Kee Klamp bed

Build your own Kee Klamp bed in 4 simple steps

It is quite simple to assemble a similar bed frame; here is how you can build yours:

1. Put the headboard together

Use 6 pieces of tube and connect them using 3 x Single Socket Tees and 2 x 90° Elbows:

Kee Klamp bed

Kee Klamp bed

Kee Klamp bed

2. Build the bed frame

Use 6 long pieces of tube to build the bed frame.

  • Use 2 Side Outlet Elbows (type 20 fittings) in the corners of the frame that sit opposite to the headboard
  • Use one Three Socket Cross (type 35 fitting) to connect the 2 pipes that will form your mattress holder
  • Connect the mattress holder to the rest of the frame using a Three Socket Cross (type 35 fitting) and 90° Side Outlet Tees (type 21 fitting).

Kee Klamp bed

You will also need to cut 6 small pieces of tube to use as bed legs and insert these into the relevant fittings.

Kee Klamp bed

You can use the length of the headboard tube to form 3 of the bed legs.

Kee Klamp bed

3. Connect the headboard to the rest of the frame

Use one Three Socket Cross and 2 x 90° Side Outlet Tees fittings to connect the headboard to the rest of the frame.

Kee Klamp bed

Use planks to finish the mattress holder.

4. Optional: Use flanges to the legs of your bed

And you are done!

Kee Klamp bed

Before and after

Here is what Robin’s bedroom looked before the redesign:

Kee Klamp bed

And after:

Kee Klamp bed

Find designer Robin Amorello at:

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