Kee Lite used in cycle display


In May 2011, the second ever Tarty Days took place in St. Asaph, North Wales. Organised by Matt Barlow, a Bangor University PhD student who runs the Addo mountain bike display team, the bike festival was held alongside the Wood Fest Wales event. Over two hundred riders travelled from all over the UK to the beautiful vale of Cwlyd to attend the event.

Matt Barlow said

The Kee Lite structure was a huge success. We only decided to incorporate it at the last minute and Simplified Building were extremely helpful in making sure they met our needs in such a tight time frame. Not only that but they offered fantastic advice on the structural integrity of the riding kit we planned to build. The fact that these riding structures can be modified as required makes them very interesting and exciting pieces of kit to ride. Kee Lite is so versatile that we have many ideas how to make next yearÂ’s structure even better!

Incorporated into this year's event was a brand new innovative aluminium riding structure. The structure itself was built entirely from Kee Lite, which meant that it could be assembled easily on-site without any specialist equipment. Also the use of Kee Lite meant that throughout the course of the bike festival the structures could be modified to make the aluminium riding course easier or harder as required.

Tarty Days is named after its title sponsors, and co-organisers, Tarty Bikes ( the world's leading online trials shop. Also involved in sponsoring the event were Inspired bicycles.

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