Kee Klamp cricket nets

Outdoor Steel structures that have been purpose built and welded, can seem like the best option; however this may not always be the best solution in the long term as the welding process usually removes any protective covering at the join, potentially leading to rust. With fabricated systems, excessive rust or damage can be disastrous; the system would require a hot work permit, the tube cut to remove damaged sections or the entire section replaced entirely.

KeeKlamp Cricket Net

With KeeKlamp, there are no hot work permits required, no cutting and no skilled labour, all that is required is a hex key tool.

It was this concept that attracted Kevin Davis when he was looking to repair his Cricket Nets which had been recently damaged. After repairing and replacing the tube, he used 35-6 Three Socket Cross fittings to assemble the nets as this would provide the strength to support the entire structure and in the event of damage to sections of the existing tube in the event of misuse, these can be easily and quickly replaced.

KeeKlamp Cricket Net

Kevin Davis:

“I was very impressed with your prompt service and excellent web-site. The equipment was exactly what was needed for our cricket net.”

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