Kee Klamp work bench

DIY work bench

Broadly built around the design of our Standard Table Kit, this work bench has an additional upright for extra support for the table top. The desk also includes additional support struts for a top shelf. I really liked the simplicity and how the wood/industrial feel compliment each other.

This work bench could be used as a standing desk with the top shelf acting to support your monitors and plenty of work space on the desk itself.

DIY work bench

DIY work bench

Being made of Kee Klamp, strength is no issue, the weakest element in the design being the desktop and shelf.

Build This Work Bench Yourself:

DIY Work Bench
Kee Klamp Work Bench

This shows just how adaptable our Standard Table Kit can be! Easily configured, redesigned and modified to suit whatever requirements you have.

Add legs to your table

  • Available in galvanised steel or aluminium
  • Super strong and resistant to rust
  • Fully configurable
  • Add plugs, flanges or castors for feet
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