Kee Klamp stage

We have many projects passed to us, however not many of them produce the "wow" factor as this one, a dance festival which sets up shop in random "secret" locations, the most recent one took its inspiration from various Sci-fi writers and created themes across the entire festival.

Kee Klamp stage

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The Festival which is an annual event, has a different theme and location, to learn more visit their website: or visit the organisers here:




Mike Chatziapostolou who helped to orginise the event, has this to say:

"The project was a performance stage built at the Secret Garden Party festival in 2015. Our team creates interactive performances spaces to host battle-style dance competitions under the moniker ‘The Dance-Off’. Secret Garden Party allows us to flex our creative muscles to produce large scale set builds that look great, are functional and most of all can be put up and taken down easily and safely. For the robot stage, using Kee Klamp fittings and aluminium tubing allowed us to overcome the limitations of traditional scaffolding and will enable us to reconfigure our rig to suit new sets in future."

We are pleased to discover that they use Kee Klamp for their stages and hope that they use us again (and maybe provide tickets) next time!

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