Kee Klamp furniture

Complete Flat Refurb Using Kee Klamp

In this project, the customer wanted a theme that could be echoed throughout his flat. Choosing KeeKlamp, he realised that he could create a huge array of furniture using an easy to build and customise solution.

Kee Klamp Tiered Desk

Initially the project was a very specific idea, the customer wished to have a desk with three separate levels: one for the monitor for his standing desk, a secondary monitor and a final shelf for printers or assorted office equipment.

The design gets our thumbs up for ingenuity as it utilises corner space amazingly well and is a real space saver.

Coffee Table

He continued the theme with his coffee table; using a similar theme, he kept the industrial aesthetic going to create this 'floating top' coffee table.

King Size Bed

Our customer finished off the theme with a new bed. Using an existing bed design, he pulled the theme together and I'm sure you agree it all looks fantastic!

Build Your Own

If you are feeling inspired, but need a bit more help - why not check some of our furniture kits?

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