Shop fitting: Industrial tube and upcycled pallets

Industrial fittings, tube and upcycled Pallets

I really enjoy exploring interesting new places, this weekends discovery certainly fit that bill!

I was talking to a friend about places to go that was local to me and was a bit 'quirky', they suggested Fargo Village in Coventry.

Fargo Village is an independent shopping area with a lot to offer. We were initially going to check out the local cafes but were enticed by the Japanese 'bubble tea' and other local shops, one of which caught my eye with its use of tube clamps and upcycled pallets.

Positive Outlook Clothing have totally embraced this wonderful look, incorporating it in every area of their store; from till to clothing rails, to the actual walls - it all fits in to the theme.

Industrial fittings, tube and upcycled pallets

Primarily using recycled scaffold tube, they used Flange fittings (61 Type) for clothing hooks and shelving, and T-pieces (25 Type) for rails.

I am always on the look for interesting uses of pallets; these cheap building materials are readily available and in my opinion under-utilised, so imagine my delight when I saw entire shelving units and clothing rails supported by upcycled pallets!

The contrast of industrial tube and fittings really complement each other.

I got speaking to the owner, Harvey Broadbent, who allowed me to photograph his handiwork.

So, if you are at a loose end and in the area, pop along to Fargo Village and check out clothing that is ethically and organically sourced!

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