Industrial style shelving unit

Do It Yourself Industrial Style Shelving Units

With our latest blog post on Rustic style shelving, we have attracted a lot of attention, leading to many new designs and ideas from our customers, many of which are currently in various stages of construction.

The interest these units have received has led to me looking into other designs and styles. Although these shelves are not rustic and more industrial, they are based on the same design. I have compiled a short list of Industrial Style Shelving Units from our American Pinterest account.

Design Inspiration

Using either collar fittings or even the standard c11g or 61 fitting means that the Industrial Style Shelves can be adjusted easily.


Use this to connect the shelf to the wall or ceiling

Colour coat the tube and fittings in any colour that suits your theme: black helps to accentuate the industrial feel.


Powder Coating

Powder coating

Looking for a Colour Coated Option for your order?
We can powder coat your tube and fittings in any RAL colour you want.

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Leave the untreated fittings as they are for a natural industrial feel or use L70 fittings to mount the shelves instead of drilling through and using 61's.


For a cleaner look, the aluminium can be polished to bring out the natural sheen in the material.


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