Industrial bar display

industrial bar display

Spotting industrial furniture or kee clamp fittings out and about when you work with Kee Klamp almost becomes second nature and will often earn you the ridicule of your peers for not leaving your work at work.

In this instance I was out on the town in Sheffield and had gone for a drink in “The head of steam” when I noticed this display, I liked the use of scaffold planks as shelving and the combination of the sparse visual display and industrial feel of the tube and fittings.

industrial bar display

It was an interesting look using a four socket cross and leaving an open socket in the middle, it doesn’t detract from the overall look and gives it a more industrial look, it may have looked 'cleaner' if they had used a three socket cross but I am not sure that was the look they were going for.

industrial bar display industrial bar display

I then kicked myself when I noticed from the pictures that the light fixtures were also made from industrial fittings and didn’t get a closer picture, but now I know if I return I will ensure I will get some more photos!

industrial bar display

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