A handrail kit for accessing the garden decking area

In summer, a lot of our customers get in touch with us asking for handrail solutions that would help them access various areas of their garden. Elizabeth is one of them: she was looking to replace the wooden handrails that led to the decking area in her garden. We recommended the SR-C50 adjustable angle handrail kit for her project.

handrail kit for decking area

Elizabeth decided to hire a builder to replace the rotting stairs that led to the decking outside her home. The wooden stairs were replaced by concrete and slab treads. Elizabeth decided to go for the SR-C50 handrail kit to match the look of the new stairs.

Mount a SR-C50 Handrail

  • Topfixed inline adjustable stair handrail
  • Super strong and resistant to rust
  • Customise the kit to fit your requirements
  • Perfect for landlords, home owners or business owners
Build your own

SR-C50 handrail kit for unknown stair angles

SR-C50 uses swivel fittings which means that they can easily be adjusted to almost any angle. The kit is perfect for stairs and even slopes where the mounting angles are not known. This makes this handrail kit particularly versatile.

Here are the Before and After photos that Elizabeth sent through to us.

Before - The wooden stairs and handrail that led to the decking area were rotting

decking stairs made of wood

After - Elizabeth now uses the galvanised steel handrails to navigate the new set of stairs

concrete decking and steel handrail

Simple handrail installation

Elizabeth was happy with how the new handrail looked in her garden, but also with how quick and easy it was to install. The weldless system meant that Elizabeth saved time and cost on installation and she could enjoy spending time in her garden again in no time.

… I am delighted with the versatility and quality of the fittings you supply which made this job so much easier and quicker and I think they look good very good …

Handrail kits for your garden

If the SR-C50 is not for you, then there are plenty more kits to choose from here. Configure and purchase a handrail kit online or get in touch with our team for a bespoke solution.

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  • Suitable for stairs, ramps or flat surfaces
  • Super strong and resistant to rust
  • Very easy to install
  • Perfect for landlords, home owners or business owners
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