DIY trellis screen for a flat roof

We love it when customers come to us for advice on a project, this one was no exception, utliising our design and health and safety expertise, we were able to assist John Morris in producing a finished system that not only worked, it will be safe too.

To turn my flat roof into a small garden I needed to erect a secure framework onto which I could attach a trellis. The trellis would act as both a structure for my plants and a way of providing privacy from my next door neighbour.

Kee Lite fittings supplied by Simplified Building provided an ideal way to tackle the project. The aluminium poles and fittings are very light and extremely easy to assemble.

Being able to exactly specify the length of the tubing was a great help and meant I could avoid doing any trimming myself. As the frame took shape I realised `i need different fittings from my original scheme. This was easily sorted with an online order that would deliver the pieces within two days.( faster if needs be)

The system can be added to or disassembled and this adaptability is the main strength of the Kee Lite system. I am hoping to add a handrail and a second wall to my roof top scheme and will be returning to the efficient website to place my order.

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