DIY storage unit made from Kee Klamp


We were recently contacted by Lisa Frykman who was interested in making a bed from Kee Klamp, after talking through her requirements I discovered that she was an old hand when it came to making furniture with Kee Klamp!

The first thing she showed me was a breakfast table using Kee Klamp, its simple design doesn’t detract from how amazing it looks, especially when you notice the rail setup behind it.

DSCN3580 DSCN3588


DIY Storage Unit

Lisa further treated me to pictures of her customised storage unit, this was designed to hold 8 storage bins, 3 clothing rails and still has 3 storage shelves.

DSCN1898 DSCN1900

DSCN1903 DSCN1901

DSCN1915 DSCN1924


This storage unit demonstrates how you can make whatever you need to suit your own specific needs.

Create your own storage unit, give us a call telling us your requirements and we will help you design something unique for you.

Lisa has promised me more photos when she makes her bed so watch this space!

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