DIY rustic style shelves

Space Saving DIY Rustic Style Shelves

These pictures have been submitted by a recent customer who was looking for a system to safely support some tailor-made DIY Rustic Style Shelves without detracting from the aesthetics.

He found the answer in our KeeLite range: these lightweight aluminium fittings allowed him to support the shelves above the loading requirements he needed while contributing to the overall look he wanted.

DIY Rustic Style Shelves

Parts you'll need

For this project he used L15-6, L61-6 and L10-6 fittings, drilling through the shelf and using the L61-6s to act as a support.

Fixing into the wall and supporting the shelves through the wood itself allows you to minimise the space taken up and gives the shelves a unique look.

DIY Rustic Style Shelves

If you wish to see these for yourself, you can find them at Casia Rustica Purveyor Of Delicacies, located at 9 Market Row, Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

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