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There is nothing like a bit of Heavy Metal DIY! This customer decided that his usual guitar rack was too flimsy and would rock far more than he would like.

Using our range of Kee Klamp Galvanised Steel fittings and our technical teams assistance, he not only came up with a guitar stand that would only rock when he wants to, but would also give an industrial feel which would stand up to the attentions of Kurt Cobain at his most energetic.

The guitar rest has been raised and offset from the upright to prevent the guitar touching the ground and to provide a lean-to so that the guitar is less prone to sliding out of the stand. The rest can also be adjusted to provide an angle that you can set yourself so the guitar is almost upright.

DIY Guitar Stand

The customer designed his DIY Guitar Stand to be adjustable so that it suits whatever guitar size he requires. In addition, it can be further expanded to accommodate even more items if he eventually splashes out on yet another guitar!

Using standard plumbing insulation for the padding, it is his intention to further improve on this to make it look more 'professional' by wrapping it in either a fabric or patterned material. We can’t wait to see how much better it will look when he has finished it!

DIY Guitar Stand

If you want to build something like this yourself, give our design team a call and we would only be too happy to assist in helping you make your own.

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