Greenhouse staging for any kind of space

DIY greenhouse shelves

Whether you’re a keen gardener or you’re just starting out, you might be thinking of building the perfect staging for your greenhouse. Shelves, benches and tables for greenhouses can sometimes be hard to source, especially when you are working with awkward or small spaces. If this is the case, then going bespoke will probably be the only option.

In this article, we show you how Steve from Warwick built his own greenhouse multi-tiered units using Kee Klamp, tube and scaffolding planks.

DIY greenhouse shelves

Why Kee Klamp for a greenhouse?

  • It’s resistant to rust and damp
  • Its industrial strength means that it will hold very big weights
  • It’s modular, easy to put together and dismantle
  • Can be used in just about any configuration
  • It’s made of galvanised steel, a no-fuss material that is easy to maintain and clean should you need to.

DIY greenhouse shelves

Greenhouse shelving to suit any space

Steve used size 6 Kee Klamp fittings and tube to build a multi-tiered unit for his small greenhouse in Warwick. He needed to maximise all the space he had available.

DIY greenhouse shelves

Steve used M50 fittings to support the shelves; using these will give your structure a recessed look.

Here is what Steve had to say about his project:

"The standard shelving kits you buy from a garden centre never fit properly into the space you have, hold a minimal amount of weight as they tend to be plastic and waste space; so Kee Klamp offered the best solution as I designed it to use all of the space available. Some minor modifications were made with the tube which required a basic hacksaw and that was it. My children have even sat on the shelves which demonstrates its stability and clearly shows the strength of the shelving".

DIY greenhouse shelves

Where to start

Start by measuring the space you’ve got available and come up with a suitable structure. Once you’ve got a sketch of the structure (together with the dimensions) you can either start putting together a list of the fittings and tube you require or you can send the sketch to us for a quote.

DIY greenhouse shelves

You will find that working with Kee Klamp is super easy - all you need to put the system together is an Allen key! You don’t need any welding or specialist tools to work with the system.

DIY greenhouse shelves

Can Kee Klamp be used outdoors?

Yes! Galvanised steel fittings and tube are perfect for building any kind of structure for your garden: tables, benches, awnings and more. Just look at these examples:

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