DIY glass meeting table

DIY Glass Meeting Table

We love it when our customers get creative, This sleek DIY Glass Meeting Table was designed and built by Kyle from Kansas, he was looking for a new conference table for this orginisation and after much searching, quickly decided that the prefabricated options were too expensive and looked into alternative ways of creating what he wanted, he stumbled across our american table projects and decided to design something himself.

Using a cross theme, he was able to create a support for the tempered glass top which would hold a large amount of weight but also looks fantastic.

Kyle had this to say about his table and his experience with Simplified Building:

I was given the task to find a conference table for the company that I work at. After looking at numerous websites that offered large conference tables made of particle board for thousands of dollars, I decided to build a custom conference table using 1.5" steel pipe, 3/8" thick tempered glass and your galvanised steel Kee Klamps. The table top is 14' long and 4' wide. The Kee Klamps worked excellent and the final product is much better looking than the tables available online (and much cheaper too!). The boss likes it because nobody can play on their phones under the table during company meetings; thanks to Simplified Building for excellent products and great customer service!

The impressive thing about this conference table is, that it actually cost a fraction of the cost of the prefabricated tables of similar size, meaning that not only did Kyle get to put his personal stamp on the office, he actually saved money doing so.

DIY Glass Meeting Table

This project is a perfect example of how simple designs can work to create something that looks pretty amazing.

Parts Needed to Build this Table

Part of the beauty of Kyle's design is it's absolute simplicity. There are only two different fittings that are used in the project:

63-8 Angle Base Flanges are used to support the table top and stabilise the legs of the table against the floor.

40-8 Four Socket Crosses are used at the center of the X and support the center beam of the table.

The rest of the table is the 48.3 O/D Tube and the tempered glass top.

If you've been inspired to build your own conference table and want some advice or guidance, feel free to contact us.

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