How to build a computer desk for gaming

In this article, we show you how you can create the ideal gaming desk using our range of tube and fittings. The Kee Klamp fittings and tube system will help you create a custom desk that exactly suits the space you have available and is large enough to hold all your gaming equipment: PC, screens, studio speakers, microphone stands etc. The beauty of this system is that you can modify the structure any time you need to, ensuring that your gaming environment always works for you.

We will go through 3 DIY gaming set-ups that we think will inspire you:

build your own pc gaming desk

4 popular designs for PC gaming desks

Here are some of the most popular gaming desk setups:

Standard Desk Design
Standard setup
This is a straight-forward design that is large enough to hold your gaming monitor, mouse and keyboard. Simple, but does the job.
Standing Desk Design
Standing desk
Standing desks have grown in popularity in recent years. This is partly because recent studies have shown that standing for part of the day is much healthier than sitting for more than 8 hours a day.
L Shape or Corner Desk Design
L-shaped corner desk
This setup is perfect if you want to separate your work areas. For example, you might want to use part of the desk for gaming, while using the rest of it for another hobby.
Wrap Around Desk Design
U-shaped desk
This large desk is perfect if you have a lot of space available and you need to accommodate multiple computer set-ups.

How to build a gaming computer desk

This section explains how to choose the height, width and depth of your gaming desk, how to choose a desk top, as well as what materials and tools you need to construct a tube and fittings computer desk.

The next section gives you 3 design ideas that you can use as inspiration.

How to choose a top for your desk frame

If you enjoy DIY and would like to build your own table top, you can use reclaimed wood or old pallets to give your desk a unique aesthetic. For example, one of our customers used wood planks that he salvaged from an old barn for his desk and it turned out beautiful.

If you would buy a table top rather than build it, you can find suitable options at Ikea or other similar DIY or furniture stores.

large diy desk for streaming and gaming

What size should your gaming desk be?

The first thing to do before building your desk is to determine what dimensions it needs to have. Generally speaking, these will be determined by the amount of space you have available and your functional requirements.

The standard height of a table is approximately 75cm. This is suitable if you will use the desk while being seated at all times, you are of average height and the chair you use also has a standard height. For a lot of people, this is fine. But you are building a bespoke gaming desk, so why stick to the standards!?

choose the height of your desk

To find the perfect height for your desk, adjust your chair to where you feel comfortable or (for a standing desk) stand with your arms relaxed by your side. Then bend your elbow at a 90 degree angle. Now have a friend measure the distance from the ground to your elbow. This will give you the ideal overall height for your desk.

If you are building a height-adjustable standing desk, take measurements for your ideal sitting height and standing height..

You should now know how high your desk needs to be. Keep in mind that this is the total height (including your table top). Deduct the height of the frame only by subtracting the thickness of your table top. For example, if your table top is 2cm thick, simply subtract 2cm from your measurements to find out how high the frame should be.

The length and width of your desk will depend on the design you choose as well as the space you have available. Most standard table tops are approximately 80cm wide and 140cm long.

However, if you are using a custom table top, then the length and width are completely up to you. We would recommend taking the following things in consideration when designing your setup:

  • Keep the width of the work surface reasonable: this ensures that you don’t end up straining your eyes if you are working on multiple screens.
  • Avoid having a work surface that is shallower than 60cm (2 feet) unless you plan on adding a keyboard tray. This will ensure you have plenty of space without feeling cramped.

pc case support for your desk

Choosing the right parts for your DIY desk frame

Once you have your dimensions, start designing the frame and choosing the materials for your desk. You want to choose materials that will support the weight of your oversized monitor(s), speakers, mouse, keyboard, as well as your gaming computer's case (potentially). The weight of all of these can add up quickly, especially if you have a large computer.

In the photos below, we used steel fittings to construct the desk frames. These fittings are tested to support hundreds of pounds, while also giving you the freedom and flexibility to change your desk configuration whenever you want.

kee klamp fittings and tube

Assemble your gaming desk

Here is a list of tools that we recommend you use when building your PC desk:

  • Hex key
  • Spirit level (to ensure that your desk is level)
  • Drill and / or screwdriver (to fix your desk top to the frame)
  • Work gloves (safety above all!)

The order of assembly is up to you, but we recommend assembling the legs (uprights) first. Believe us, it will make your life easier.

After assembling the legs, connect the longer pieces of tubing to the legs.

Finally, drill and secure your table top and make sure it is level.

Build your own custom gaming desk: 3 project designs

Here are 3 do-it-yourself gaming desk examples that you might want to use as inspiration for your project.

To make it easier for you, we put 3 desk frame kits together that you can purchase directly from our website should any of them suit your needs.

We designed these kits in such a way that they can be packaged and shipped to your home in no time. They can also be assembled in around an hour so that you can start enjoying your gaming setup as soon as possible. All you need to do is add your preferred desk tops. These can either be purchased from a local DIY store or online.

Project 1: The DIY gaming desk

This desk was built with a focus on cable management. Simple and clean, the design ensures that cables are kept out of the way (by using a wooden board to clip these onto) and the PC case is kept off the floor (by using a foot rest that can be used as a case support).

Raising the computer case off the ground means that the PC unit is kept cool and away from dust.


  • Steel frame size
  • Height: 100 cm
  • Length: 120 cm
  • Depth: 80 cm


  • Hex key

What's included:

  • Steel fittings and tube

    What's not:

    • Table top
    • Wooden plate
    • Fixing screws for the table top

      Project 2: Computer desk with an adjustable monitor stand

      One of our customers, Eric, built his gaming desk by customising our Rugged table frame kit. He then added tube and fittings to support his two large screens and speakers.

      The speaker stands can be adjusted or removed by simply loosening and tightening the set screws included with the fittings.

      To support the two monitors, Eric mounted an additional crossbar at the back of the desk. He then connected two uprights to this crossbar to create the support.

      The desk used casters for feet, allowing the unit to be moved around if needed.


      When building the monitor support, ensure that it is tall enough to allow you to move the monitors up and down should you need to.

      Use metal ties or velcro straps to keep the cords attached to the pipe.


      • Steel frame size
      • Height: 100 cm
      • Length: 120 cm
      • Depth: 80 cm


      • Hex key

      What's included:

      • Fittings and tube
      • Casters

        What's not:

        • Table top
        • Fixings for the table top

          Project 3: Desktop setup for Twitch streaming

          diy desk for streaming

          Ethan designed and built an office setup that is also optimised for streaming. Here’s what he has to say about it:

          "This is the ultimate streaming desk and I love it!

          I decided I wanted to start streaming my PC gameplay on Twitch. I had recently sold my DIY sit / stand desk, so I needed a new desk to house my computer gear and thought I’d start over in style.

          I wanted to create an epic gaming desk that would give me the flexibility to adjust things as my streaming setup and skills improved and keep everything off my desk so I could focus on the stream and not all the things lying around on my desk."

          Three key features that Ethan focused on were:

          • 1. The ability to mount accessories on the frame (like lighting and microphones for example)
          • 2. The possibility to keep the screen at an optimal level
          • 3. The possibility to keep the studio monitors at ear level

          These aspects directly influenced the height of the desk and the steel frame. When building your own desk, ensure that you know which features are most important to you and then use them as the basis for your design ideas

          Ethan liked the idea of a stage truss, so he used this as inspiration when designing the desk. To build the frame, he chose to use Kee Klamp steel fittings and tube, creating a very flexible system that was easy to build, modify and transport.

          diy gaming desk frame plan


          • Height: 100 cm
          • Length: 140 cm
          • Depth: 60 cm and 100 cm


          • Hex key

          What's included:

          • Fittings and tube

            What's not:

            • Table top
            • Fixings for table top

              Note on mounting the screen

              One of the aspects you need to consider when creating a DIY streaming desk is how to attach the screens to the frame. After testing a few DIY solutions that turned out to be fiddly and unreliable, Ethan finally opted for a VESA pole mount.


              • Screen support specifications
              • Height: 80 cm
              • Lemgth: 100 cm
              • Depth: 20 cm


              • Hex key

              What's included:

              • Fittings and tube

                What's not:

                • Wooden board
                • Fixings for wooden parts

                  Enjoyed our 3 project examples for a DIY gaming desk? Then why not build your own unique setup? We would love to see your designs.

                  However, if you’re looking for a quick and easy solution, just use one of our DIY kits that use Kee Klamp fittings and tube to build the desk you need in no time.

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