DIY dining table

DIY Dining Table

There is nothing we like more than helping a customer make their ideas a reality. In this instance, our customer Kai Macnaughton, was looking for a new dining table; he had obtained some reclaimed scaffold boards and wanted to make something with them.

He stumbled across our website and having looked at our previous projects he decided to see what we had to offer in terms of our scaffold table frames and he was pleased to discover we had the right kind of frame that he could use to create his dining table using the planks he had.

Kai Chose the Standard Frame Kit

  • Easy to assemble
  • Super strong and resistant to rust
  • Add any table top you want
  • Also available in Rugged, Z-Frame, and Adjustable Height
Build your own

He especially liked the industrial feeling and how it blended with the rustic element the reclaimed wood provides. When he discovered that the strength of our table kits far exceeded his expectations, Kai realised he had the right product for the job.

When I asked Kai what he liked most about our kits he told me:

They are really easy to build and as I already had the materials for the tabletop - it was really cheap! How many people can say that they can get a full sized dining table for £158? I especially like how the tube and fittings add character to the tabletop, plus there is a foot rest for everyone!

DIY Dining Table

These Table Frames Could Also Suit Your Project:

I Hope you enjoy the pictures of Kai’s dining room and home-made dining table!

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