DDA handrail system for a school in Warwickshire

A while back, we were tasked with the configuration and installation of a DDA compliant railing system for a school based in Warwickshire.

yellow DDA handrail system for school

The school was scheduled to undergo refurbishment during the summer holiday and, as part of this initiative, they needed to install a powder-coated handrail. The new rail would help disabled students access the buildings easily.

DDA handrail kit for schools

The school got in touch with us and initially sent us a drawing of the rail they needed to construct, together with the relevant measurements. Our team discussed the project with the customer, worked out what Kee Access fittings and tube should be used, and sent a quote for the project, including, according to the customer’s instructions, powder-coating and installation services too.

We scheduled an initial site survey to plan the installation, then delivered the goods and installed the powder-coated handrail. The installation was done in a day, which meant that there was no disruption and the school could have an accessibility handrail installed ready for the school start.

yellow guardrail for school

When is a disability rail required

A disability rail can be installed anywhere, whether for a business or your home. Installing an accessibility handrail can benefit those with a disability, an injury, older people or anyone else who needs a little extra assistance. Having a continuous rail means that you will have a continuous surface to grab or lean onto without the need to remove your hand from the handrail, from beginning to end.

DDA compliant handrail

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Project details

Kee Access fittings are used to build our DDA handrail systems. Kee Access is a comprehensive range of galvanised steel fittings that allows you to build a smooth, continuous handrail. For full DDA compliance, the Kee Access fittings need to come in a colour that is clearly distinct from the background.

How powder-coating works


  • Powder coated finishes stand up to everyday wear and tear much better than DIY spray paint
  • We use a durable, polyester coating
  • The rail can be powder coated to any RAL colour
  • Powder-coated rails offer a variety of visual contrast options

Lead time

Powder coating a railing system usually takes around 3-4 weeks, depending on project. Non powder-coated Kee Access fittings on the other hand can be purchased straight away from our website.

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