Custom hanging rails for a bridal boutique

Custom hanging rails for bridal boutique

We love it when customers are pleased with our clothing rails! And we love it even more when they decide to come back to us for new projects!

A few years ago, Angharad Bridal decided to fit heavy duty clothing rails throughout their first boutique. These rails had to be strong enough to hold the weight of several occasion dresses, and easy enough to install.

We recommended a Kee Klamp fittings and tube system, all in size 6. Size 6 tube is perfect for standard sized hangers too. What is more, the tube can be cut on site using a hacksaw should you discover that the poles are too long for the space you’ve got available.

A few years later, when the boutique changed locations, the owner reached out to us again for a new clothes rail system and we could not be happier to help!

Wall-to-wall hanging rails

Our customer decided to go for several wall-to-wall hanging rails. These are simple structures that can be installed in no time.

Parts you'll need to build a wall-to-wall rail

Made of Kee Klamp flanges (61-6) and galvanised tube, they can easily be attached to walls or ceilings using recommended screws. Please be sure to check the sturdiness of the walls before you decide to install a rail that will hold heavy weights. When attaching the flanges to the wall, please make sure you select the correct hardware depending on the material the wall is made of. This is a very important aspect.

Angharad Bridal were kindly enough to send us photos of the new store, as well as a short video. Have a look here:



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