Custom aluminium table frame for a conference room

aluminium custom table frame

When designing your office layout, you need a conference table that represents your brand, culture, and aesthetic. When production company Oceanx decided to build a table for their meeting room, they went for a bespoke industrial frame made of aluminium, which was paired with a custom-built table top that would match the office décor.

kee lite table frame

The table was crafted by Kevin Cavallaro in the US and features a black walnut table top that integrates power and USB connections, and a lightweight yet durable frame made of Kee Lite fittings (aluminium).

bespoke aluminium table frame

The table itself is 3m long and 1.2m wide and can accommodate around 8 people.

custom aluminium table frame

Unlike traditional tube fittings, Kee Lite clamps are easy to use as they slide onto the tube and attach to it by tightening the integrated grub screws with an Allen key.

custom aluminium table frame

To ensure that the table would be fully supported, Kevin also built custom aluminium structural plates that are attached to the bottom of the table top.

custom frame

These plates carry and spread the load of the table to the correct points. Flange fittings were then mounted to these plates to connect the table top to the frame:

table frame with flanges

If you're looking to build a bespoke table for your office, we can help. We recommend starting out by browsing our Table frames page where you can configure and buy a galvanised steel table frame directly online. If you would like an aluminium table frame or a bespoke one, get in touch with our team. Then, you can pair the frame with any table top you want.

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