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Seamstress Studio Makeover

When creating a new business, one of the most daunting parts of creating your new enterprise is location, this enterprising customer decided that they would solve this issue by utilising the space in their garage to create a work space that would maximise the space available, allowing them to perform all the tasks their fledgling Seamstress business would require.

Seamstress Studio Makeover

When coming up with the design concepts for their home office, this customer decided to kit it out with three different projects.

Seamstress Studio Makeover

  • The most notable feature would be the work table, this expansive work area provides enough space to allow large sections of cloth to be worked on simultaneously, inspired by our standard table kit, this work table is robust to support a large amount of weight if it were ever called upon to bear it while still looking attractive, perfect for when you want to show investors or potential customers around your work area.
  • The lighting rig, they decided to design the system using tube and fittings, this enabled them to support lighting fixtures and even utilise part of the system as an overhead clothing rail, if you want to create something for yourself, call us for a quote.
  • Despite this being a home business, it's still a place of work with all of the same hazards, to tie in with the look of the rest of the furniture they placed a barrier at the top of the stairs, for more design ideas, visit our quick rail kits.
  • Finally, they created a table frame to support a glass table top, again, based on our Standard table kit, this table uses 61 type fittings with a rubber gasket to hold the table top in place, the weight of the table-top then keeps the system securely in place.


The Beauty of their creations is that they can be easily dismantled and reconstructed in the event they move to new premises and even expanded on to create additional work space as and when required.

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