Bridal shop clothing rail

Wall mounted Clothing Rails for bridal boutiques

Case studies

Due to the inherent strength in the Kee Klamp system, you can find the system used pretty much everywhere: from handrails and clothing rails, to furniture and structures. The ability to create clothing rails that will take large amounts of weight is the primary reason they are so commonly used for this purpose - it is very surprising how heavy multiple full length dresses or suits can be!

Here are a few examples of clothing rails that customers have built using Kee Klamp fittings and tube:

Wall mounted Clothing Rail

Brides of Berkhamsted

Brides of Berkhamsted decided to go for two wall-to-floor clothing rails for one area of their boutique. The tube was cut to size to fit the area the customer had available.

The installation was quick and easy, making sure that there were no delays in fitting the shop.

Wall mounted Clothing Rail
Wall mounted Clothing Rail
Bridal Shop Clothing Rail

Ayah Couture

Ayah Couture purchased this clothing rail for their bridal shop as it enables them to have multiple full length dresses on display without fear of the system buckling.

This is a custom wall-to-floor clothing rail that can be designed to fit any layout.

Wall mounted Clothing Rail

Ellie Rose Bridal

Ellie Rose Bridal used a similar structure to showcase some of their best dresses. Although heavy duty, our rails are versatile enough and can even be used in the most sophisticated shops.

This is clothing rail was 2m tall and 2m wide, using a middle upright for stability.

Wall mounted Clothing Rail

Ellie Rose also decided to use a variety of clothing rails throughout their boutique.

These rails were designed to make good use of the shop layout, so a combination of wall-to-wall railing and wall-to-floor structures was used.

Wall mounted Clothing Rail
Wall mounted Clothing Rail
Wall mounted Clothing Rail

Angharad Bridal

Angharad Bridal also used wall-to-wall rails to hold a multitude of bridal dresses and occasion wear for their newest shop.

These wall-to-wall structures are super easy to install and can be put together using 2 x Size 6 Flanges and one piece of tube.

Interested in a heavy duty clothing rail?

We'd love to help! Either talk to one of our team members or find out more on our Bridal boutique page. Alternatively, you can purchase a standard clothing rail directly online and have it delivered to your shop. No hassle or waiting for a quote - just purchase the kit and start building!

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