Aluminium fittings are future proof!

Ok, so I am the first one to admit that I am the Mayor of Nerdville, not only do I watch sci-fi, as I also run the site Simplified Safety I am always highlighting Health and Safety issues or Fall Hazards and it got me thinking how backward mankind of the future is about Fall Protection.

Frankly most of the ships/space stations on TV shows and movies have no regard for employee safety, seriously start watching out for it, despite massive fall areas and the wild shaking when the craft comes under fire, it seems the only reason a guardrail is included anywhere is for members of the cast to lean on to have serious heart to heart conversations!

The lack of simple handrails/safetyrails/guardrailing in general is legendary in Sci-Fi, take Star Wars' DeathStar for instance.

I dread to think of the numbers of red suited characters whose lives could have been saved with the simple addition of a basic barrier.

The other day I decided to give the show Enterprise a go and I was very surprised to see an abundance of Aluminium Fittings dotted around the Starship Enterprise, providing much needed fall protection and handrailing for the crew.

aluminium safety rail

Clearly chosen for their ease of replacement and adaptability, this proves once and for all, what I already know, Aluminium fittings are the future!

If you wish to create your own Aluminium Safetyrail similar to the one shown, visit our KeeLite section, if you want a Freestanding Guardrail, visit our other site Simplified Safety.

Seen anything peculiar regarding health and safety or you have spotted fittings on the silver screen? let us know about it.

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