10 DIY dining tables to build with tube and fittings

If you are looking to build your own dining table, then why not go for Kee Klamp fittings and tube? Here are 10 ideas of industrial dining tables that our customers have built for their homes.

1. Rustic dining table

Rustic dining table frame on castors

This dining table features a reclaimed wood custom top and a Kee Klamp frame which was painted black to match the d├ęcor of the room. The Standard Table Frame was set on braked castors to allow the structure to be easily moved around.

2. Quartz top family table

Quartz top industrial dining table

Kee Klamp fittings can be integrated within an elegant setting: just take example from this family who paired the galvanised steel table frame with a quartz top. This specific table top needed a strong frame to hold the weight of the top. The family went for a modified version of our Rugged Table Frame.

'Rugged' table frame kit

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3. 3m long dining table

3m industrial dining table on castors

This long dining table can easily sit 10 people and would be perfect for large families or entertaining guests.

This table also uses our Standard Table Frame Kit, to which 4 castors were added for easy moving around.

4. Reclaimed wood dining table

Scaffold dining table

Kai built this rustic dining table using our Standard Table Frame Kit and adding a reclaimed wood table top. He found it very easy to put together and is very happy with how it turned out.

Read his story here

5. Merging tables

Twin industrial tables

Ryan built two smaller tables using our Rugged Table Frame kit and added two similar table tops to the frames. The idea was to either use the smaller tables separately (for children's homework for example) or merge them to create a family-sized dining table when needed.

6. Easy DIY dining table

Scaffolding dining table

Dan built this industrial dining table using Kee Klamp and reclaimed wood. The two metal sides give this table a unique look. He paired it with a set of colourful chairs for a modern twist.

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7. Kitchen island and dinner table

Kitchen island and dinner table

Our customer Eric built this large kitchen work table using aluminium fittings and tube. The only Kee Lite fitting he has used for this design was an L10. This table is light and durable and can be used as a kitchen island or a dinner table.

8. A cool dining area

DIY kitchen prep table

Jeff built this kitchen table to serve as a food prep area and as a dining table too. Paired with the colourful stools, this makes for a cool area to entertain friends and family. Jeff used our Adjustable Table Frame to build this structure.

9. A sturdy dining table frame

Rolling kitchen prep table

Michael has added a custom table top to this rolling table frame; this would give the structure a rustic appeal. Because of the table weight, Michael decided to add castors and make it easier to move around. This table would easily sit 10 people.

10. Outdoor dining

Outdoor dining table made of steel

Why not dine outside? This table was built to be used both indoors and outdoors. Galvanised steel is corrosion resistant and can be left outside permanently. This material is even used to build very sturdy roof barriers and will withstand harsh weather.

Pair it with a sleek, shiny table top to obtain a modern, sophisticated look. Add castors to easily move it from the inside to the outside.

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  • Add any table top you want
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