1 home, 7 ways to use Kee Klamp

Kee Klamp 7 ways to use it

For this ‘Fish Camp’ family retreat project, architect Ignacio Salas-Humara used cedar, stone, concrete, and galvanized pipe as main materials. But out of everything, we were mostly impressed with how he used Kee Klamp fittings and tube throughout the property.

Here are 7 projects that he built using tube and fittings:

kee klamp handrail

1. Handrails for the entrance stairs

Ignacio chose pipe railings and Kee Klamp fittings for the entrance stairs. These are easy to install and do not require any welding, which makes this a quick, safe and very durable option.

kee klamp handrails

Galvanised steel is also resistant to any kind of weather, therefore it is highly unlikely that you will need to replace the handrails anytime soon.

2. Railing for the terrace

kee klamp handrails

To give the retreat a consistent look, Ignacio also used tube and fittings to build the railing for the terrace.

kee klamp handrails

Handrails are a very good safety option for any elevated spaces, whether indoors or outdoors; these will help diminish the risk of accidents.

kee klamp handrails

For ease of building, we recommend you use pre-assembled handrail posts, but you can build a handrail from scratch using Kee Klamp and tube just as easily.

3. Shelf support

kee klamp shelf support

Ignacio used Swivel flanges for the interior shelves, to keep the 'camp-style' look throughout the property. These are a good idea if you need to attach angled tube to a flat surface (however, don’t use these as a base for guardrails or balustrades).

4. Awning support

kee klamp awning support

An awning support was built out of galvanised steel tube and fittings to keep the structure sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

kee klamp awning support

5. Door grab rail

kee klamp door handle

A door handle made of galvanised steel is a simple, yet sturdy solution. Use 2 Rail Support fittings, tube and 2 malleable plugs for a similar project.

6. Shower curtain support

For a simple, industrial-style shower curtain support, cut a piece of tube to size and use 2 flanges and screws to attach this to the walls.

This will be a rust resistant solution for your bathroom.

kee klamp door handle

7. Lighting support bars

kee klamp door handle

Ignacio used pipe and fittings to create this lighting support bar. These complement the industrial and agricultural light fixtures that he chose for the house, and go well with the stained pine ceiling.

If you enjoyed Ignacio’s project, find him at ISH Architect.

Other projects from Ignacio can also be seen here.

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