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Free Simplified T-shirt

People love making projects with Kee Klamp and Kee Lite fittings. If you build a project and send us some pictures, we'll show you some love and send you a Simplified T-shirt.

Project Information

If you have trouble uploading the images, please send them to [email protected]

T-Shirt Information

How does this work?

  • Order fittings or a DIY kit from our website
  • Build your project
  • Take some pictures with a digital camera
  • Fill out this form and upload your pictures
  • We send you a Simplified T-Shirt for free!

A word about photos

By filling out this form you are releasing the rights to the photos and giving us permission to use them on our website and in marketing materials.

The photos need to be usable (e.g. not blurry, larger resolution). See the list of photos taking tips below.

Please include multiple pictures from your project from different angles and different zoom levels. Please also include a short summary about your project that describes your project and photos.

Tips for better photos

Here are a few tips for taking good pictures of your project.

  • Set your digital camera settings to take high resolution pictures
    Taking a larger sized picture will allow the picture to be sized and cropped in the future.
  • Make sure the date feature is turned off
    A large date in the bottom corner of the photo will ruin the photo, so make sure this feature is turned off.
  • Set your project in a place with plenty of lighting
    Be careful that the project is not 'backlit' with the light source behind your project. Make sure that light is shining on what you are taking a picture of. Beware of strong flash lighting. Use natural lighting whenever possible.
  • Clean up the area and move distracting objects out of the photo frame
    You want to make sure that nothing distracts from you project. Clean up tools and other clutter before taking the final shots of your project.
  • Make sure your pictures are in focus
    The key to making sure your photos are in focus is lighting and stability. If you have a shaky hand, then use a tripod or set the camera on a solid surface. Another reason that your photo can be blurry is poor lighting. Be sure to follow the lighting guidelines mentioned above.
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