Build an industrial dining table

Our popular table frame designs use galvanised steel and fittings to create a modular dining table that will suit your specific requirements. The frames can be configured to accommodate any table top (wood, concrete, glass, quartz) and any number of guests. Just add your own table top!

Why choose our dining table frames?

Incredibly sturdy

Finding the perfect industrial table for your dining room can be a hard task, especially if you are looking for a versatile piece of furniture that will look modern, is functional, will last you a lifetime and is incredibly sturdy. What if we said you can now design the table of your dreams?

Our dining table frames are made from heavy duty components such as steel tube and fittings, ensuring that you'll have something you can use for a lifetime.

industrial build table frames
dining table frame that looks good

Looks good in your dining room

These frames are versatile enough to suit a series of décor styles – from industrial to sleek or rustic.

Assemble in minutes

You don’t need complex directions or a long list of tools to assemble our table frames.

All you need is an Allen key (provided with our kits) and less than an hour of your time.

simple and sleek table frame
easy to customise table frame for dining rooms

Just add your tabletop

Design your dining room table to suit your taste. Add a wooden top for a softer look, choose glass for a sleek style or go for a heavy duty concrete or granite top for a unique look.

Build seating to match

Our table frame kits can be used to build matching seating for your dining room too. You can construct benches, stools or even chairs.

table frame for ourdoors
bespoke table frame for dining rooms

Easy to customise

Choose the height, length and width of the frame and add the footing you need: from plastic plugs to flanges and castors, we’ve got it all. All you need to do is add your own unique table top and ta-dah: you’ve just built the dining table of your dreams!

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