Rugged Table Frame

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Product Description

Rugged is a scaffold-style table frame designed to hold the weight of any table top. Made of galvanised steel and featuring a heavy duty design, this is our sturdiest frame yet.

Table top not included.

Build a modern desk or table for your home

This versatile industrial style frame will work with any type of table top, no matter how heavy (yes, it can hold concrete, quartz and solid wood too).

You can customise its height, width and depth to build a coffee table that suits your living room, a breakfast counter perfect for your kitchen or a sturdy desk ideal for your home or office.

heavy duty table or desk frame
table frame detail

Designed to last a lifetime

All our frames use industrial steel tube and fittings to ensure that your desk or table will not bend, rust or break for years or even decades to come.

A fully customisable frame

Make it your own! Our table frames are fully customisable: just configure the height, length and depth directly online, then select flanges or wheels for feet, depending on your application.

Looking for a completely different design? We can help with that too! Just get in touch with our friendly team.

industrial breakfast table
heavy duty frame for any table top

Suits even the heaviest table tops

The Rugged frame is our strongest frame. Our customers used it with granite, concrete or massive wood tops with zero bending.

Tip: We strongly recommend choosing either flanges or end caps as feet if your table top is very heavy.

Quick and easy installation

Our table frames require no welding and can be easily put together using just an allen key (included with the kit). The fittings slide onto the tube and are set in place using grub screws.

Looking for step-by-step installation instructions for the Standard frame?

galvanised steel fittings
garden table frame

Suitable for outdoor use

Galvanised steel is used in various other industrial applications because of its weather resistant properties and longevity. This makes our frames completely suitable for outdoor use (you can even leave them outside permanently). So why not build a picnic table for your garden?

Not the design you are looking for?

Let our team help you design a table frame that suits your requirements! Just send us a rough sketch of the frame you are looking to build and our friendly team will be able to help. We can help design galvanised steel or aluminium frames suitable for coffee tables, kitchen counters, L-shaped working desks and whatnot.

industrial desk frames

How does this work?

RUGGED - the name says it all. This desk frame looks like it could support a tank! Whether you are building a desk, a display table or work bench, RUGGED will be give you a strong, industrial base on which to build.

Simple Table - Rugged

It's simple! You provide the table top and we provide the base. Just about any flat, rectangular surface can be made into a desk. Go on a creative journey and find a table top that works for your environment. Go green and upcycle an old piece of material, or buy something new like this simple table top from IKEA (pictured above).

1) Start by inputting the size of your table top.
Select the tube length - deduct 200mm (rounding up to the nearest 100mm) from the overall dimensions of your desk top.
For example, if your desk top is 2000mm wide x 600mm deep you would select tube lengths of 1800mm & 400mm.

Basic Pipe Table Base with Faded Top

2) Tell us how tall you want the frame. Use the diagram below to guide you.

Base Height Diagram

3) Select the type of footing you would like on the table. There are three options to choose from.

Plastic Plug

Plastic Plugs - smooth, integrated look that protects the floor.


Flanges - bold, wide bases that can be attached to the floor.


Casters - make it mobile! Includes two braking and two non-braking industrial casters.

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