Freestanding clothing rail with a double top bar

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Model: SKFS-D-kit

Product Description

A freestanding, heavy-duty clothing rail with a double upper rail. Incredibly strong and easy to install, this rail will particularly look good in your shop. Industrial style.

double clothing rail dimensions

What dimensions do I need?

Note: The height and width under 'Configuration' refer to tube dimensions only. The footing you choose will add between 10 - 20cm to the total height of the clothing rail. If unsure, we recommend going for a bigger length, as you can cut the tube using a hacksaw if too long.

Height: Measured from the top bar to the bottom bar.

  • 1500mm: Good for shorter clothing such as shirts and trousers.
  • 1800mm: A good fit for most clothing. This unit can be used with a mid bar.
  • 2000mm: Good for longer clothing such as dresses or for use with a mid bar.

Width: The width of the rail determines how much clothing can be stored. The clothing rail in this image is 1500mm wide.

Dimensions: (these refer to the dimension of the tube only. Fittings will add an approx 0.1m)

  • Top rail depth: approx 0.3m
  • Bottom rail depth: approx 0.5m
Please note that the upper rail space is too narrow to hold clothes hangers on both rails. If both upper rails are used, the hangers will need to be staggered.

Strong, stable and solid

Our industrial style clothing rail could not be more robust. Made of galvanised steel tube and fittings, it can hold the weight of even the heaviest of clothing items, making it the perfect solution for your home or shop.

industrial style freestanding clothing rail with a double rail
heavy duty clothing rail

Designed to last a lifetime

Unlike flimsy alternatives, when you buy one of our clothing rails, you can rest assured that you they can be used for years or even decades to come. Incredibly sturdy and long wearing, our kits are designed to not bend under the weight of your garments for years.

Perfect for your shop

This freestanding clothing rail will particularly look great in your shop, helping you showcase your products in the best light possible. If you like the industrial, modern look of scaffolding furniture, then you will love the look of this galvanised steel structure.

freestanding clothing rail for shop featuring double rail
easy to customise clothing raik

Easy to customise

Add a mid bar, extend the structure or reconfigure the rail whenever you need. Because our clothing rails are made of tube and fittings, they can easily be dismantled and reconfigured into a different structure with the use of additional fittings and tube.

Easy to assemble

These clothing rails use tube and fittings that you can attach to one another using simple tools, such as a simple allen key. This means that all our kits are incredibly quick and easy to assemble, so that you can enjoy your new clothing rail straight away.

easy to install freestanding clothing rail
bespoke heavy duty clothing rail

Looking for a bespoke clothing rail?

If you like the look of our clothing rails but need it in a different configuration or size, we can help! Our friendly team will help you come up with a solution for your home or shop.

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Installation instructions

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