Four-way clothing rail (height 1.8m) - Suitable for clothing shops

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Model: FSCR-FW

Product Description

The Four-Way Clothing Rail is free-standing and designed to display clothing facing in every direction. It is built to last, and designed for rugged use in the retail context.

Made of galvanised steel tube and fittings, the four-way sits in the centre of your store floor plan and moves people around the rack. Four-way racks are an excellent choice for small collections of featured items.

Modern looking and designed for flexibility, strength, and durability. Available in 1.8 m (height), this clothing rack is built to store plenty of clothing on standard sized hangers.


  • Longest piece of pipe: 180 cm
  • Length of upper rail: 55 cm
  • Length of each tube for legs: 45 cm


  • Looks great - The Kee Klamp fittings and tube give a clean, modern, industrial look.
  • Strong, stable and solid - Unlike flimsy alternatives, clothing racks built with Kee Klamp are solid, stable, and built to last.
  • Reusable - If you find you need to reconfigure your environment or expand, these racks can easily be used in the future with additional pipe and fittings.
  • Easy to assemble - The entire unit goes together with a simple Allen key (included!).
  • Customise your rail - Because this rail is built with standard pipe, you can customise your rack, even after you've purchased it.

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