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Retail clothing rail kits - For your shop

Build an industrial clothing rail using Kee Klamp fittings: these will help hold an incredible amount of weight without bending.

Kee Klamp clothing rails are perfect for commercial use, providing a system that can be modified to exactly suit your requirements.

Retail clothing rails typically take on two main styles: those that display clothing and those that store it. Typically, these kinds of racks are coupled together.

Display racks help attract consumers out of the aisles toward the styles that they prefer. Storage racks help people to find their size.

Clothes rail kit - For your home

Kee Klamp clothing rail kits are also perfect for home use, providing a system that can be modified to suit your needs. Providing a robust, industrial look, they fit in with the majority of room styles and designs.

Choose a wall mounted clothes rail or a freestanding one and configure it to your own needs. We can also help you build a bespoke clothes rail.

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Why use our retail clothing racks

Setup rails for your store
Simply and easily

Suitable for

Bridal boutiques
Bridal boutiques
Hang hundreds of dresses without the fear that these clothing rails will bend!
Sports shops
Sports shops
Design and build your own custom clothing racks, rails and hooks with Kee Klamp pipe fittings. Just get in touch for a quote.
Any retail store
Any retail store
Build unity in your store design by adding steel retail display tables and clothing racks. These can be designed in just about any shape and configuration.

Ease of assembly, and the fact that it looks fantastic. This is made with heavy-duty, high-end materials - not like the cheap racks I see in catalogues or in other stores. I want my store to have a quality, high-end feel to customers, and these racks delivered!

Melissa, Customer

Examples of clothing racks
& retail fixtures

Industrial style retail display tables

Shadow box rack

Counter mounted racks

Rack and shelving combination

Wall mounted clothing rails

Custom designed racks

Freestanding shelves

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