Create a safe environment inside your home and garden without the hassle

Our accessibility handrails are easy to install and well-suited for your stairs, garden, home or office entrances, and ramps. Browse the gallery below to see how other customers have used their Simplified Building rails.



We use galvanised steel or aluminium tube and fittings.

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Our rails are not coloured, but you can easily DIY paint them.



We can configure the handrails to suit absolutely any layout.

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Our rails are easy to install and require no specialist labour.


Browse through the various handrails our customers have built using ousing our galvinised metal handrail system


Our extensive range of hand railing have been tried, tested and loved by our customers. here is what they have to say

As the original wooden steps rotted I went for slab and concrete steps. My builder completed the work this week and fitted the handrail set for me [...] I am delighted with the versatility and quality of the fittings you supply which made this job so much easier and quicker and I think they look good very good.


It was getting more difficult for my 90-year-old Mom to go from her family room to her patio, where she loves to sit and drink coffee every morning. We put in one of your simple railing kits, and now she can manage the steps with confidence. She is thrilled to have the railing in place, and it feels very secure to her. Everything worked well during the installation. I'm delighted with this solution to our problem.


After my 91-year-old father died a little over a year ago, my mother was adamant in her desire to continue living alone on their 80-acre farm. [...] We installed hand rails out her back door, which had not been present before the task was undertaken. The job was a snap, and the Kee Klamp and Kee Lite fittings were the perfect fit for this job.


The rail was for my mother who has difficulty navigating steps. I installed the rail in the center of the steps. That way she can use the hand of her choice. I painted the rail with a black hammer finish. It looks great and is super strong. Thank you for a great product!


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