SR-567 - Floor mounted handrail system with rounded ends (Suitable for any angle)

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Model: SR-567-uk

Product Description

Need a simple handrail for your stairs?

This is a simple, easy to install handrail that mounts to stair steps. The handrail is completely galvanised and is designed for greater durability and flexibility than standard handrail systems.

Because of our unique fittings the handrail can be arranged at any angle.

Select your options

  • Base kit - The base kit includes two uprights and all the necessary brackets to support the grab rail. No fixings are included, but these can be purchased from any hardware store.
  • Length of railing - Enter the number of metres for your handrailing. We recommend adding an additional upright every 1.5m for stability.

    Max handrail length: 2.5m If you need a longer handrail, please contact us directly for a custom rail.

The handrail is perfect for:

  • Landlords who need to install long lasting durable handrail to meet building code requirements.
  • Home owners who are looking for a robust handrail that meets insurance requirements.
  • Business owners who need to provide handrail for steps around their business.

Installation requirements

Additional required materials (not provided with the kit)

  • For mounting the feet:
    • Into brick or concrete: 4 x Throughbolts
    • Into wood: 4 x Coach screws

Download the Hardware Instructions sheet for more information.

Recommended tools

  • Allen key (included with the handrail kits)
  • Drill / Hammer drill
  • Wrench

Installation tips

  • Confirm that you have all required parts.
  • When installing plugs, place rag or cardboard over plug and gently hammer into place.
  • If installing into concrete or brick, vacuum out debris from drilled out holes before inserting sleeve anchors.
  • If you plan on painting your rail, do so before assembling.

Step by step instructions

1. Insert posts into 62-8’s. Tighten set screws loosely.
2. Line up assembled posts to desired location. Test grab rail with posts, then mark holes for the 62-8’s.
3. Disassemble the posts and drill the holes for the 62-8’s. Secure 62-8’s to surface with recommended hardware.
4. Insert posts into 62-8’s and add socket of 10-840C to top of posts. Insert one side of 567’s in 10-840C’s. Tighten set screws loosely.
5. Insert internal couplings into the grab rail and the other side of 567’s. Tighten the set screws on the internal couplings to secure grab rail.
6. Adjust as needed. Tighten set screws fully once complete.

How to calculate handrail length

This simple way to do this is to have someone stand at the bottom of the steps holding the end of the measuring tape. Walk to the top of the stairs while each of you hold the measuring tape 1m off the ground. Record the length when you have positioned the ends where you want the railing to begin and end.

The mathematical way of calculating would be to measure the rise and run of the steps and then calculate the length of the railing by the following formula:

Railing Length = √ height2 + length2 

The square root of the height squared plus the length squared will give you the proper length of your railing.

A word about DDA

These railing have not been designed to fit the requirements of DDA. If you need a handrail that meets the DDA requirements, please see our DDA handrail product page.

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