DDA Handrail Installation

DDA Handrail Installation

Installation tools, materials and tips

Recommended tools

You do not need many tools to install an Simplified DDA handrail.

  • Allen Wrench - Both a 1/4" and 5/16" allen wrench are required for tightening set screws in the fittings.
  • Saw to Cut Tube - A chop saw, ban saw or hack saw will be required to cut tube to length on site. We recommend using a petrol powered or electric saw.
  • Drill - A standard drill will be used to drill into tube and wood. A hammer drill will be required when drilling into brick or concrete.

Required materials

The tube and fittings required to build your handrail will be furnished to you as a part of your Simplified DDA handrail. You will need a few other bolts and screws that will depend upon the surface to which you are mounting the handrail.

  • Self Drilling Screws (No. 12) Or Multi-Grip Pop Rivets - You will need these to attach the tube to the brackets. In general you'll need two screws or rivets for each bracket.
  • Mounting Hardware For Base Flanges
    • 1/4" For All Mount Brackets (generally 3 each)
    • 1/2" for Base Flanges (generally 2 each)

The type of connection you use will depend on what you are mounting your handrail into. Lag screws, chemical anchors, Tapcons and concrete anchors have been used to mount the base flanges to various surfaces.

Installation tips
  • Cut the tube at the job site.
  • Use base flanges instead of core drilling to prevent rust to upright.
  • Center uprights no more than 1.5m from each other.
  • Beware of placing base flanges too close to an edge.
  • Uprights must be offset from corners and bends in the handrail.
  • Consider pre-drilling the holes for the self-drilling screws.

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