Install a DDA compliant handrail
for your business


Become compliant

Our team of experts is here to help guide you from design to installation, ensuring that your handrail that is DDA compliant.


Look good, stay safe

Unlike welded railing, our galvanized components formidably protect against corrosion and failure, requiring little to no maintenance for years to come.

Easy to Assemble


Using a few simple tools, you can easily assemble your DDA handrails on site. No welding, special tools, or large teams are required.

What makes a handrail DDA compliant?

DDA Compliant Handrail

Smooth and continuous

Ensure that your railing has a smooth surface throughout the entire length of the railing. Someone should be able to easily run their hand along the entire railing.

Correct Height & Clearance

Your railing must be 900 mm - 1.1 m tall. Also, a ramp must have a minimum clear width of 1m.

Edge protection

When there is a drop off , ramps require a curb or curb rail to prevent wheel chairs from slipping out from under the railing. In some cases a mid rail is sufficient to provide this protection.

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DDA compatible handrail kits
for your project

Get in touch for a custom system or use our galvanised steel handrail kits below. Only available in galvanised steel, but can be easily painted for full DDA compliance.

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